WhatsApp supports company messages through corporate accounts, which are more and more common after WhatsApp Business.

Businesses, stores, and service providers have used the messenger to offer services or promotions to customers using their cell phone number, but you can choose to block such messages.

Companies can now notify you through the WhatsApp application, informing you about promotions, purchased services, activation codes and other things. The function that WhatsApp Business offers is a way to circumvent the use of SMS messages (whose packages are still quite expensive) and push notifications from the mobile system.

Although this feature is very useful, some users prefer not to be disturbed at all and do not want to see those messages in the instant messaging application. In such cases, you can block messages like you would any contact.

Here at Somagnews we tell you how to do it:

Open WhatsApp and chat with the company;
Touch the company name to open the contact details;
Swipe the screen to the bottom and tap “Block company”.

ou can also do it through the actions menu:

Open WhatsApp and chat with the company;
Touch the three dots and then “Block.” On Android, it is possible that

you must touch “More” before “Block”.

The procedure is exactly the same as for common contact; Once this is done, you will no longer receive notifications from the contact you blocked. The procedure is limited to one contact at a time. Therefore, you will have to individually block each company that sends you messages and always after the message arrives.

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